During the last few years, we have developed the expertise to incorporate reliable flat roof materials into our orangery designs, thus creating rooms with often a more practical everyday use when integrated with the existing accommodation.

Throughout the seventeenth century, the grand houses of Europe had magnificent orangeries. These temples of light were proud symbols of status amongst the rich and powerful. Although centuries have passed, the elegant appeal of an orangery has remained a highly desirable feature of any residence. Now that history, artistry and  beauty are available for all to enjoy in your own homes.

Our orangeries offer you a vast choice. Whether you prefer PVCu, wood or aluminium materials, natural timber, or coloured paint finishes, classic simplicity or ornate decorative designs, we can accommodate anything into your own designs. We can cater for your every whim, making your orangery unique – a reflection of your true taste.

Unlike many orangery designs, ours are not limited to the standard rectangle. Our patented method for creating the roof space into which the glass atrium sits – the single most important feature separating an orangery from a conservatory – allows us a flexibility that other companies can match.

We create bespoke designs exclusively for you, no matter what shape your house is, and we can do it in a way that maintains essential elegance and proportions required to re-create the classic beauty of the best orangeries. Properly built by craftsmen to look beautiful and last a lifetime.


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Not always needed » See the government planning portal

Negotiating planning rules and gaining planning permission are widely considered the most difficult aspects of extending your home. The easiest way to avoid a headache is to ask our representative and we will deal with that!. If you decide to build a glazed extension with Art of Glass we’ll take care of all aspects of planning permission for you. There’s no extra cost; it’s just our way of saying thank you.

Building control

You will be able to build quite a number of Glass Extension designs without Building Control. The following rules must be followed to remain exempt from them.

  • They are built at ground level and are less than 30 square metres in floor area.
  • At least half of the new wall and three-quarters of the roof is either glazed or translucent material.
  • The glass extension is separated from the house by a quality external door(s).

In cases where Building Control rules apply Art of Glass will undertake all necessary works and prepare all documents to gain your Building Control approval Certificate. » Read more

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